"Waqoo Shitaderamachi" is located 6 minutes away on foot from Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line's "Ebisucho Station."

Amidst the soothing and healing space of the temple, comfortable lodging is prepared inside for staying visitors and for those who are on a pilgrimage. We will be introducing how to enjoy WAQOO Shitaderamachi, where you can also participate in a cultural experience and some Buddhism training.

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First, check-in starts from 15:00

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Check-in starts from 15:00. We recommend you to check-in early so you can walk around the hotel afterward. If you would like to participate in the cultural experience and the morning chants, please inform the staff about it during your check-in.

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There is also "Gomagi" (300 yen tax excluded) at the reception. If you write your wishes here, you can have it blessed at the nearby "Aizendo Shomanin."


Stroll around the nearby temples and shrines from 15:30

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After putting down your bags, it's time for a stroll. In the room, you will find a "Shitaderamachi Strolling Map" with illustrations. There are about 80 temples, and shrines gathered around this area, and the "Shitennoji Temple" related to Shotoku Taishi is also nearby. The Shitennoji Festival is held on the 21st and 22nd of every month.

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You can pray at the Aizendo Shomanin, which is 5 minutes away on foot. In this temple, you can ask for blessings on matchmaking or marriage.​ ​

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Inside the area, there are many power spots such as the marriage tie spirit tree "Aizen Katsura," so please go ahead and check it out.

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Other than that, there is the "Tennoji Nanasaka" where there is a beautiful sunset, as well as the "Yasui Shrine" where an ancient warrior named Sanada Yukimura died during the summer siege of Osaka. There are many things to see.

You will be satisfied with only a strolling map in one hand. There are famous places nearby, such as the Abeno Harukas and Tsutenkaku.​ ​


Cultural experience at the temple hotel starts from 20:30

After dinner, you can experience the copying of sutras and Zen meditation. For a one-day sutra copying experience, it is 4,000 yen (excluding tax); but for hotel guests, it only costs 2,000 yen (excluding tax). It is held three times a day, (starting from 11:00, 14:30, 20:30). You need to make a reservation in advance.


Morning prayers from 6:35

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The next morning, you will gather on the first-floor main hall. After they explain about the proper manners, you can participate in the morning prayer at the Aizendo Shomanin. The early morning prayer at the Aizendo where there are no visitors is a special experience only for hotel guests of WAQOO.

After listening to the chief priest's sermon, let's listen to the sutra chanting while praying quietly. There is a Chinese and English translation for the priest's sermon, so even overseas tourists can listen to it.​ ​


Experience vegetarian food from 8:00

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Breakfast is a vegetarian meal; it consists of porridge and side dishes, which are good for digestion. The pickles are unlimited, so you can have as much as you want. Before eating, let's chant the "Shokuzenkan" (before meal prayer), which is also said to be the starting point of "Itadakimasu." (Itadakimasu is what people say before having a meal.)

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What a soothing and extraordinary experience at a temple hotel where you can feel free to stay and join a mini training program. How about spending a comfortable time to refresh yourself here?

【Shop Information】
WAQOO Shitaderamachi
Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Tennoji-ku Shitaderamachi 2 chome 5 - 12
06-6775-7020 (Reception: 5 AM – Midnight 12 AM)
● Accommodation fee
One night with breakfast starting from 13,500 yen (tax excluded)
● Business hours
Check-in 15:00 - 24:00
Check out by 10:00
● Closed on

Article・Photography / Okutani
※The information in this article is as of the interview date (October 2019), so there may be a possibility of price change.

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