"WAQOO Shitaderamachi" is a comfortable temple hotel located in Shitaderamachi Tennoji-ku, Osaka, where about 80 temples and shrines gather. There is also the "Aizendo" matchmaking temple nearby, known as "Aizen-san." Now, we will be introducing the workshop where you can make your original charm.​ ​


Authentic crafting experience with your bare hands! Buddha Illustration and Sutra Copying

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You can experience the copying of sutras and Buddha illustrations at WAQOO Shitaderamachi. The price is 2,000 yen (tax excluded) for both activities. You can also do them on a day trip, but in that case, it will be 4,000 yen (tax excluded), so it would be better if you stay over. You can also keep a copy of the sutras and Buddha illustrations as a charm. It could be for yourself or your family. How about making your original charm?

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For the sutras, you can choose between the "Hannya Shingyo (heart sutra)" and "The Ten-Phrase Kannon Sutra for Prolonging Life." It will take about an hour and a half for the Heart Sutra, and about an hour for the Ten-phrase Kannon Sutra for Prolonging Life. There may be a difference in the completion time, but both of them have equal benefits.

It is under the supervision of Shitennoji, which is part of a sect called Washu and is open to all sects, so you can experience it regardless of your sect.

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The Ten-phrase Sutra for Prolonging Life is recommended for beginners or those who would like to write a short one, but the Heart Sutra is for those who would like to write a lot. You can borrow all of the materials and tools there, so you can come empty-handed.​ ​


Start from cleansing! The manners of Sutra Copying

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First of all, you will learn about the manners of using powdered incense. Cleanse your hands by rubbing the powdered incense on your hands.

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In addition, you cleanse your lower body by stepping over an incense burner shaped like an elephant, which is also known as a holy animal in India. After that, you enter the sutra copying room. You sit down after placing your hands together towards the Buddha drawn on the hanging scroll. It will start from the moment you take a seat. Let’s sit down, calmly and quietly. The scent of the Indian sandalwood incense will give you a relaxed feeling.


A Japanese mask!? Fukumenko

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You will also be wearing a Japanese mask called Fukumenko made of Japanese paper and Mizuhiki, which is an ancient Japanese artistic cord. This is to prevent our breath from getting on to our hands since it is considered to be unclean.​ ​

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After you are done preparing, start rubbing the ink stick with all your heart using the holy water of Aizendo. By concentrating, your mind will feel refreshed.

The copying of sutras is said to be the training with the most merits, and by writing each letter neatly, you will be able to connect to the Buddha and earn blessings.​​ ​

When your copy of the sutra is complete, you write your address, name, and your wish towards the Buddha on the left side. They also have a sample of how to write wishes, so you can refer to them.


Your original charm is complete!

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After you show your copy of the sutras to the Buddha, you pray and make a wish. You can have your copy of the sutra burnt in a holy way at the Aizendo.

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If you do not want it burnt, you can put it in a charm bag sold for 800 yen (tax excluded). After you fold your copy and put it in, your original charm is finished! If you always keep it with you, you will surely receive blessings.

【Shop Information】
WAQOO Shitaderamachi
Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Tennoji-ku Shitaderamachi 2 chome 5 - 12
06-6775-7020 (Reception: 5 AM – Midnight 12 AM)
● Accommodation fee
One night with breakfast starting from 13,500 yen (tax excluded)
● Business hours
Check-in 15:00 - 24:00
Check out by 10:00
● Closed on

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※The information in this article is as of the interview date (October 2019), so there may be a possibility of price change.

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