Nowadays, Pokémon has become very popular around the world, with Japan as the epicenter. On the 13th floor of Daimaru Umeda in Osaka, there is a Pokémon Center which is a utopia of Pokemon goods. Big fans gather from all over the world in this place.​ ​

Not only famous Pokémon like Pikachu, but other Pokémon that are popular among all generations can be found here.

This article introduces the top 7 items that you can get at Pokémon Center Osaka.


(1) Langues de Chat (French Cat Tongue Cookies) Inside the Pikachu-Patterned Box

This pretty box with Pikachu images printed on every side has tasty langue de chat cookies inside it (1,100 yen).

Snack souvenirs are popular, especially among the Japanese. They run out of stock easily. Don't miss it.


(2) Large and Fluffy Pikachu Cushion


This is the very comfortable and undeniably huggable Pikachu cushion (9,200 yen). You can’t let it go once you have felt how soft and how good it is!​ ​

Very kawaii as a pillow too.


(3) Pokémon Plushies (various kinds)

As can be seen from the picture, Pokémon Center Osaka is selling a wide variety of Pokémon plushies. Different plushie designs have different prices.

Please check it out on the official website.


(4) Life-sized Plushies

Do you know exactly how big the Pokémon are?

These plushies are the actual size of Pikachu (4,500 yen) and Eevee (3,000 yen). You will be surprised by how real it looks like and you can't help but have an affection for it.


(5) Pokémon fit

For those people who think that big plushies are quite a hassle to manage, how about having these palm-size "Pokémon fit" plushies instead?

​ ​They also have "Pokémon fit" which is a handy size doll. The varieties of Pokémon continues to increase, now reaching 278 Pokémon so far. (1,100 yen each).


(6) Pokémon Card Game

You can also get Pokémon Card Game which have been the long-time best seller item among children (150 yen/pack, 4,500 yen/box).​ ​

​ ​What kind of Pokémon is inside? Just opening the pack is exciting!​ ​​ ​

Since they also have starter-sets including a bunch of cards, you can play Pokémon Card Game as soon as you get it. Sun & Moon starter-set – "Water Vaporeon GX" (left), "Lightning Jolteon GX" (middle), and "Flame Flareon GX" (right), 1,556 yen each.


(7) Poké Ball Candy RG

This is a handy size Poké Ball with six apple candies and a Pokémon stamp from the Kanto region in it (10 types in total, the stamp design can not be chosen)


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【Store Information】
Pokémon Center Osaka
Osaka-shi Kita-ku Umeda 3-1-1 Daimaru Umeda store 13F
● Business hours
10:00 - 20:00 
● Closed on
※ Based on Daimaru, Umeda business hours

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